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Default Sound Control Panel Problem

Hey everybody, I figured that after pulling out hair and grinding teeth trying to get this bug worked out, I may as well ask someone else to help me out.

I have a G4/400, 1Gig Ram, OS9.2.2, and PT 5.0.1. I have been using Reason for quite some time now and I would like to stop using headphones to monitor and hear reason through the 001. I know there have been many posts on this and I have read all of them, but my case is different. I downloaded the newest DigiAsio driver (ver, 5.0) from steinberg, put it in the drivers folder in Reason, but I can't select it as the output in the Reason preferences menu, the option isn't there.

Also, while trying to get toast to play back through the 001 long ago, I installed the Digi Control Panel off of the CD, in place of my Apple control panel. This worked, but now instead of having the option of built in or digidesign from the output menu, I have 2 digidesign options and one of them doesn't work for anything. Does anyone know how to get rid of all control panels and start from scratch with just the apple control panel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EMO Family
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