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Default Re: Export OMF/AAF with markers to be opened in Adobe Premiere

How much mixing do you need to do?

We tend to have audio do a sweeten pass (balance levels, remove clicks/pops, remove non speaking sections) on the raw files while video editor does a content pass + multicam cut with the raw audio.

Video editor replaces raw with sweetened + does any final tweaks / compression etc (our video also has B roll with FX and titles + bumpers + graphics with music bubble etc.

Sweetened files also go to podcast audio producer who cuts a longer version, again finishing his own mix.

If you needed to do final mix you could get AAF from video editor.

If I was the video editor + was starting the edit post the sweeten pass I'd definitely vote for the AAF with the extra track to mark the 'delete' sections (ie keep the recording full length so camera syncing is easier)
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