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Default Keep perpetual 11 licence and buy new latest licence?

Hi Guys,

I have a perpetual licence for PT 11.3.0.

I'm thinking of getting the latest PT for a couple of reasons (including some plugs that need the latest to work!)...

Can I just keep my 11 licence and buy a subscription to the latest version (what do I even call it? PT 2020?)? I'm eligible for the Education pricing too if that makes any difference.

If so - where do most people purchase from? Avid store online? $99 one year subscription paid upfront currently has 25% off seems great.

Yes, I've googled various prices/sellers just interested to see/hear where people buy from :)

Lastly - if I buy subscription and that runs out what happens? PT doesn't work at all? Or I'm just stuck at whatever version I have when it expires?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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