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Default Re: "Rig balancing" and "RIG VOL" does not work anymore...

hey Moff,

thank you for replying, I know you are busy but still active on the forum it is great to get you support dude!

I think i have no other choices but to reset my 11R...yeah back up my rigs and then reset...

My second question was about using 11R with a combo amp like my fender deluxe hotrod, which is the best method to take benefits from cab simulation of the 11R cos I bought the 11R to emulate new kind of amps and cabinets so I want to take advantage of that but with my combo how to proceed? what is the best out put to choose etc...?

I read a lot of threads on that but none is talking about taking advantage of the combo amp because most of people buy FRFR monitors or are obliged to plug in a PA or Mixer etc, but how do you do at home with a combo amp???

thank you!
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