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Default Accidently Crossgraded from perp. to subscription

Hi everyone,

sadly I had recognized that I accidentally switched from my perpetual PT licence, that I crossgraded from PT-Express 2016 to a subscription Licence. (That happend 2019)

I have only recognized it, because my subscription did not renew itself automatically, as I thought it would.

I just saw some people had these acidentally switches of licenses. Some got help and it has even been switched back to the perpetual licence.

Because my subscription ran out my only option directly from avid is to renew it for about 300 , whats not an option for me, after buying the software in 2016, and renewing it 2x since 2019 for about 120 Euro per year.

Are there any helps or options besides buying the new renewal, or buying an ASC?

Even this of course is also my fault, I'm quite angry about these politics.

Thanks for any help!