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Default MCU Pro and PTLE8... help!

I recently picked up a Mackie MCU Pro. I'd like to use it with PTLE8, but I'm having issues. The manual tells you pretty much nothing about getting it going with the DAW and refers you to a page that doesn't exist on their site. The support page on their site seems to only cover the older version of the MCU, and the help guide for that and using PT only tells how to set it up in OS9

Soooo, I've got this thing hooked up via USB. In the peripherals setup dialogue in PTLE, I've set it for Type:HUI; Receive from Digi002, port 3 (control); Send to: MCU Pro v3.0, port 1.

The faders and everything seem to respond as if it's working (snap to appropriate volume levels and solo/mute lights go on, etc), but nothing seems to actually *work*... ie. pushing buttons, and moving faders does nothing within the app. And, about every 10 seconds, I get a "Pro Tools is unable to communicate with HUI. Power cycle HUI and check its connections. Note: If HUI is not in use, update the peripherals dialogue to prevent further warnings."

Anyone have any experience with this or ideas/suggestions? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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