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Default PT LE 8.0.3 will not launch for non-admin user

I've just finished updating our PT LE 8.0 to 8.0.1 then to 8.0.3. The updated version launched and worked correctly while logged in as the local admin user that I used to perform the updates. However, once I'm logged in as one of our managed network users PT is a no go.

At launch, it quits unexpectedly prior to showing the splash screen. In the Console, I'm seeing this...

4/27/10 1:19:02 PM[143] ([0x0-0x8b08b].com.digidesign.ProToolsLE[485]) Exited abnormally: Bus error

Anybody have any ideas about this? Thanks.

Sorry, forgot to mention... Mac OS 10.5.8, Dual 2.66 intel, Digi 003 FW
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