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Default Re: Selecting Midi Clip Slides the clip

Originally Posted by EnderAkay View Post
Hi all,
Lately, I have been having a strange problem. When I click-select any midi clip somehow slides the clip a little (always on grid mode). Also, Double-clicking on the tempo bar slides the tempo bar too. Every time I click-select a midi-clip, that happens more. I realized it when some clips sounded out of sync. Why can it be? Does anybody have this problem? I hit UNDO when I select a clip, so it does not move. (On the undo list, whenever I click-select a clip, it shows an undo)

One more thing happened; When I realized that the midi notes were out of quantizing, I tried to select all notes and quantize again, and pro Tools crashed. That happened a few times. So then I decided to inactivate the plugin instruments (like Kontakt, Spitfire, etc.). That way, I could quantize normally. Otherwise, I had to select all notes individually and manually quantize them.

I am using the Pro Tools 2021.12.0 version.
Before this version, there was no such problem. Audio channels are not affected.

Please help.
Not really sure, but please do everything listed here:

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and make sure to post your system info, and do the Troubleshooting and Optimizations listed in the link.
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