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Originally Posted by itsjustmeee123 View Post

Also, you say that you got a "LICENSE for 5.5 Platinum". I'm looking at their website right now and the only thing I see is 5.4 from Nov 2020.
Nothing ”wrong here” other than I wrote 5.5 instead of Platinum 5 version 5.30 and I was trying to help you mentioning that Bluecat works great so maybe hold down the attitude when people are trying to help and maybe ”not” get pissy cause I mixed up a few numbers!! It’s not like we only have 10 plugins and VI to keep track of so yes we got Platinum 5 and right now we run 5.30 and didn’t know there was a 5.4. I mean as long as it doesn’t work with Pro Tools who cares if someone wrote a number wrongwhen trying to help! �� Geez

And as AU and VST works great I tried to help you letting you know how we got it working perfect so why the attitude? I was only nice to you!

I see members mixing up OS/PT Versions and the verything inbetween so who cares! If it had worked with PT now Thats the first thing I woulda told ya but thought i’d give the second best option which is a wrapper. It is up to each person how they valie their stuff and yes for a $199 program and having to pay 80-ish dollars extra to run it is not a very pleasing proposal but thought I would give you an option as drumagog works with AU and VST but they say AAX is crashing Pro Tools. Atleast they admit they have an issue with AAX protocol where many developers blame the user. Not these guys.

I wrote the wrong version aka V5 5.30 and I might ha e written 5.5 but doesn’t matter as it still only works for some PT users according to drumagog so I took that with a grain of salt but as we haven’t paid one cent I can’t be upset and IF you or anyone else wanna use the drum VI Bluecat works great and until they (if ever) a Pro Tools version drops we work a lot with drumagog and use Bluecat MB-7 mk2 which was like $39 a few years back..

We needed Sylenth1 working then and bought MB-7 which works perfectly with other plugins and VI should anyone need a cheap stable wrapper.
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