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Default MBox Pro, PT 10 New User - Problems

Let's see if I can keep this succinct. I've tried searching the forums, and I'm sure some (or all) of this has been addressed, but it's a bit overwhelming, so I'm hoping someone can either help me point-by-point, or if there is a "fixall" solution point me in the right direction. Here goes:

I just got a student bundle which was the MBox Pro w/ PT 10.
- I have a MacBook Pro that I got new in 2011
- I installed PT 10
- I then installed the MBox Pro just like the directions said (software first, then hardware) with my computer off
- First time I turned my computer on, with the MBox already on as instructed, computer crashed (wouldn't even boot, just got a long script of white text with a bunch of stuff I don't understand)
- Went through that process a few times, then finally unplugged the MBox and reinstalled the drivers CD that came with the Mbox (same CD came with PT but during PT installation it never told me to install it so I didn't)
- After that, things "appeared" to work, in that my Mac recognizes the Mbox Pro, all of the audio for my computer will run through it to my monitors no problem, and PT also recognizes that it's there.

However, I still had these problems:
- Plugging into an input (guitar, microphone, etc) got me nothing. Well, that's not true, with my acoustic guitar plugged into input 1, I can get some motion on the gain indicator, however, I get no audio out, and the gain control knob does nothing.
- PT recognizes the Mbox pro as a device, and will use it as an output for audio, but it's not there as an input. The only inputs available are "built in inputs".
- When I opened up the Mbox Pro software and looked at the control panel, all of the hardware inputs are "greyed out", in that I can't toggle them, move the sliders, pan, etc. They're just not there.
- Using the Mbox "standalone" doesn't work at all. No sound - not to the monitors, not in the headphones, nothing.

I found this forum looking for answers and read the stickies, which made me realize that I don't know how long this bundle has been sitting in the computer support center of my school - so I figured I would follow the advice and install all of the updated drivers that were available for download.

- I installed all drivers and now - we're back to crashing the computer every time I try to boot up / restart with the Mbox plugged in.

Any and all suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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