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Default Hardware insert 1&2 cutting off other hardware inserts on aux tracks

Hi, I have a strange thing happening and was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what's happening...?
My setup is Win 7 with SSL Alphalink converters. This is happening on both PT10 and 11. I have an SSL compressor on hardware inserts 1&2. I have a bunch of hardware.reverbs on inserts 25 - 32.
I use 17&18 to feed my monitor switcher.

1. I setup my Bricasti M7 on an aux track, it's on hardware inserts 27&28. All fine until I add a master fader and insert the SSL comp (on hardware inserts 1&2) on the master fader, then the reverb disappears. I can still see the reverb returns metering but no audible reverb.

2. However, if I setup an AUX input first, send all the channels to it and buss this to the master fader, everything works fine and I hear the reverb return BUT only if the SSL comp is inserted on the master fader. If I insert it on the AUX track everything is bussed to , the reverb return disappears again, but I can still see it metering on the channel again.

3. This is only happening with hardware insert 1&2. All the others work fine, but here is something else - Inserting the SSL comp that is on hardware inserts 1&2 only cuts off the other hardware inserts if they are on an aux track. If they are inserted over an audio track they keep working as normal.

4. I've checked all my default i/o for ins out busses, everything and nothing is set to output 1&2 as default. Is there any possibility ouputs 1&2 are reserved by the system for some purpose I'm not aware of. You are able to configure your i/o anyway you like aren't you?

Anybody got any hint as to what could be at the root of the issue?
Thanks for any insights.

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