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Default Re: 2020 update Pro Tools First/display issue

2 possible fixes come to mind:
1-Update graphics driver(it looks like a graphics issue)
2-uninstall and re-install the previous version that worked

General advice, with ANY update or new software, always(as in ALWAYS) have a backup plan. Drive imaging is the very least you should do. Macrium Reflect is a free option(Backupper Pro and Acronis True Image are not free, but somewhat better). My method is using multiple system drives(1, 2 &3). 1 is in my computer and when I want to install an update or some new software, I clone to drive 2>install the clone and update that(leaving the first drive untouched). If things go sour, I swap drive 1 back in and get back to making music. If things go well, the next time I want to try new software, I clone from drive 2 to 1 and repeat the process. Drive 3 is usually 6-12 moths old with everything working well, just in case.... Pick up a big(4-10TB) USB external drive and use it for saving drive images, put a folder on it for backups of all your sessions and another folder for saving every installer you download. Keep that drive OFF except for when you need to use it
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