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Default Merging Custom Map Data into Older Sessions


Let's take a closer look at how to take the custom Knob and Fader Maps you've created in newer sessions or templates and merge those into older sessions which were built before the new mapping functionality existed.

We'll also take a look at a few creative ways to structure maps and leverage the Y-axis of the Joystick module for high resolution control of effects sends.

First, Open the session you've been working on which contains all of your current Custom Maps. Under Settings > System > Auto-Load From Titles And Sessions - untick Clear Custom Knob Maps When Session Data Clears. Now, open one of your previous sessions which obviously wouldn't contain the new maps you've recently created. Once open, simply perform a Save or Save As on your session and the Custom Maps have now also been associated with this session.

Merging Custom Maps

*** Here's the working Cinematic Rooms Pro custom map if you want to experiment with it. ***

Cinematic Room Professional Map

And a working repository of Custom Map XML files to play with:
Custom Map Files

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