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Default Re: Counter & meters freeze for a while?

Without more specifics, perhaps you are suffering from an extension conflict:
-Open the Extensions Manager Control Panel. From the selected set pop-up menu, select “OS 9.x base” click on “Duplicate Set" at the bottom of the window. Name the set whatever you like. Enable the following extensions and restart the computer:
-Digidesign Control Panel
-DigiSystem INIT
-Digidesign Direct I/O
-Digidesign DSP Manager
-Digidesign Stream Manager
-Open Music System
-USB Floppy Enabler

In addition:
-Rebuild the Desktop file. Hold down the Apple+Option keys while the extensions march across the bottom of the screen during boot-up. Hold the keys down until you get a window prompting you and then Click “OK”.

-Increase the Preferred memory size of the Pro Tools and DAE applications. Click on the icon once to highlight it and choose File>Get Info in the Finder (shortcut: Command+I). Increase the DAE Preferred size to 80000k (80MB) and Pro Tools to 70000k (70MB). Never change the Minimum memory size. If you have, you can set it back to the default setting by typing a 0 into the field and press Enter on the numerical keypad.

-Increase the CPU usage in the Setups>Hardware window of Pro Tools.

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