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Default Re: Windows 10 20h2 - digi 002 rack - pt12.7 super guide!

Originally Posted by Ampampam View Post

Thank you very much for the information. I was very happy to run my old 002r with WIN 10 and pro tools 2022.5 until today. Previously I've experienced some issues like if I did not turn on the unit during boot WIN did not connect it. Now I have installed another HDD to my computer and everything just worked fine for the first time. After the Firewire led did not turn on anymore. Several restarts, playing with turning on the Digi first than PC, reinstalling driver but I keep getting the below messgage.

"This Device Cannot Start, Code 10"

Could you please advise how to solve it? I am getting really frustrated as I do want to continue using this old unit. Thank you in advance.
Things to consider:
1-if you ever "hot-patch" the firewire cable(plug or unplug with everything powered ON), its very possible that you fried the FW chip in the 002, the computer, or both(not worth the repair cost)
2-nearly every 002 ever made has or will suffer the dreaded "power harness" issue(since you have the rack version, pop the top and look for the PSU on the right side. Find the power harness(flat wire with white plastic "Molex" connections) and take each connection(there are 3) and unplug>replug each connector at least 6 times. You might get lucky
3-you might not get lucky and its time to let the old box go and get something newer(and while you are letting go of "the old", consider letting go of firewire too
4-the proper power-up sequence is interface ON, before the computer
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