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Default Re: 003Rack driver still OK with Pro Tools 2022.4 and 002Rack on Win 10?

Hi Dave, good to see you around the DUC pond still.

Good question as to whether it's worth upgrading. I'll check out the features of 2022.4.

The main reason I wanted to upgrade from 2021.3 was to ensure I had a Win 11 compatible version of Pro Tools available... not that I'm thinking of upgrading my Win 10 workstation any time soon.

Maybe I should have asked "003Rack driver still OK with Pro Tools 2022.4 and 003Rack on Win 10?".

I'm unsure how many ppl use a 002 these days. Mine's still rock solid after 18 years of use... power harness problem was fixed free of charge years ago, that's been the only hiccup.
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