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Default Re: Eleven Editor install

Might be useful to know what version of Windows you are on and what version of the driver you installed.

You don't need to "recover" the disk just because it won't boot. You need to get it booting. Start with safe mode. Roll back driver installs etc. Ultimately stuck and cannot get it to boot and there is data on there you need then do a full clean Windows install on another drive, and read off your data on this drive. Lots of stuff out there about how to repair Windows installs, none is really specific or needs to be specific, to this software.

If you need to recover a drive that is more for a corrupted drive, the installers really are unlikely to do that.

And you have backups right? Tested and know that works? If not then when you hopefully get back running again, the first thing you need to do is set up a backup scheme, ideally saving to multiple locations, some in the cloud, some on external drives etc. ideally you want the redundancy of about three independent backups at any one time.

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