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Default Downloading Missing Plug Question

Good morning,
I have PT 2018.4, running on a Windows 10 desktop, 32 gig Ram.. I know I haven't given all the details of my system. I can figure out a Sandra Lite report if need be..
So, all of a sudden I don't have the xPand!2 and Boom plug ins.. I'm thinking of downloading them from my Avid account. I see in the download section the Air Expand II for PT 2018.3.. I've got 2018.4 so, this would be my download? As far as Boom is concerned, I see it's in the First Air Instrument Bundle.. On the Download page, the download of the First Air Instrument Bundle available for download is the First Air Instruments 2018.10.. Will this work on my 2018.4 version? I wonder how I lost these plug-ins in the first place? Thank you for any advice,
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