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Default Re: Mac no longer sees Eleven Rack

The MIDI control used by the Eleven Rack is quite separate from the audio driver.

What if anything have you changed?

Does AUDIO/MIDI setup show the Eleven Rack as an audio device?

Likely reasons the audio device may not show up are…

1. You installed a driver yet did not approve its install in the security preference panel. The option to do that goes away after 30 minutes, rerun the driver install and approve its install.

2. You allow the computer to sleep/suspend with the Eleven Rack attached and powered on. That is working as badly as designed, You cannot do that, make sure your Mac is properly optimized to not sleep/suspend (and don’t close the lid to cause it to).

3. The Eleven Rack has a hardware problem. But try other USB ports on the computer.

Maybe you did #2 then #1?

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