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Default Re: Laptop Requirements for Ultimate

Originally Posted by Media Man View Post
My main PT rig is a dual xeon server, but I need a laptop for other reasons, and having PT on board for portable work would be a plus, particularly for light sessions here and there. Maybe cutting guitars or vocals at someone's house, that sort of thing.

I think the consensus of option is an i7 would get the job done for what I need to do.

Media Man
I forgot to mention, you need speed as part of the i7 choice. By that, I mean look at the CPU Clock speed. An i7 2.2GHz is going to be a poor choice. An i7 3.5GHz, is going to be a good choice. Then for RAM, 16GB is the minimum(and if you upgrade that after purchase, make sure that all sticks match exactly). Then there's the hard drive; get an SSD only(no spinning drives). That is something that can be upgraded after the purchase(but its an upgrade you need to do). If you can find a laptop with dedicated graphics, so much the better(nVidia is preferred). Lastly, consider connections and what interface you plan to use(or buy). While you might be able to run PT without a dedicated interface, you won't do any decent recording that way. A Thunderbolt 3 interface would be the best option, but finding a laptop with a TB3 connection might be tougher to find(though a USB3 or USBc interface is an option).
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