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Default Re: Laptop Requirements for Ultimate

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
From my own experience, an i7 can run 100 tracks, but the real question is; do you really need a laptop? A desktop machine will give way better performance over a laptop for the same investment. And I agree that an i9 should outperform an i7, but that's not the only detail that matters. Speed matters more than the number of cores. In any case, get the best you can afford because that tends to give you longer service
My main PT rig is a dual xeon server, but I need a laptop for other reasons, and having PT on board for portable work would be a plus, particularly for light sessions here and there. Maybe cutting guitars or vocals at someone's house, that sort of thing.

I think the consensus of option is an i7 would get the job done for what I need to do.

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