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Default feel like I'm outta options :/

I've got pro tools 8 M powered, and my setup is just about perfect for me. I started with a delta 1010lt and protools7, and slowly added gear over the years. I've got ~12 years worth of projects saved in here. It all came crashing down about 4 weeks ago when protools just decided i don't have an Ilok anymore. The iLok manager also doesn't seem to see it, but my OS reports its there and functional, as do other OS's I've tried. I've tried just about everything I've found on these forums as well as general googling. I'm also seeing horror stories about not helping folks with older installs. It seems my last option is to send 50 bucks to ilok and hope a new ilok fixes my issue.

I really don't want to change my workflow, but I also don't want to spend 50 dollars needlessly. If i cant get a guarantee it'll work (so far i can't) it seems just a waste to spend 50 dollars on a crap shoot (old software and unsupported hardware with no drivers past win7). I've reached out locally to see if anyone had an ilok with a v8 license as that'd be a good test, but so far no luck. I'm not recording professionally but I still used this setup weekly for new arrangements, adding parts to buddies demo's, etc. If I have to replace this, I'll be starting from scratch. If i do that (new interface, etc.) there's almost no way I'm going back to avid, strictly because of the iLok partnership. I'm not a big player, but I have spent ~3-4k on their software and hardware over the years. It feels like I'm being punished for what IMO was a poor choice to partner with iLok.

As a software engineer I've never been a fan of iLok's methodology for software activation, but I see effects of poor engineering choices made daily, I'm not surprised it's still used. My hindsight glasses makes me wish I'd stopped by their booth in namm and at least asked the question this year.

Needless to say I'm disgruntled and slowly coming to accept I have to completely redo my setup. If anyone has any advice for me to get this working, I'm all ears. Otherwise I'll take my cup of "stop whining and move on." after all, it's only money right?
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