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Default Re: No music in Scorch, unable to move SIB files to iPad

Plug in your ipad to the computer or how ever you link. Im old school and still use physical cables.

Open itunes and open the ipad in iTunes from the ipad icon.

Click on apps

The screen is split in two horizontally, at the top you will see the apps installed but further down you will see the apps and their associated files.

Click on scorch and you will see the four or so default scores that installed with the app. Scroll to the bottom of the scorch files window and there is an add button, click on that and navigate to the scores on your computer and select all them. And click on add again and they should be added into scorch.

As to purchasing, there are other threads on this forum that the store is down.

Scorch is great for playing and transposing your scores one at a time. But if you want to use it for performances, get forScore as you can create set lists and have scores lined up to display full screen like in music stand mode. I have over 500 scores and forScore is much much much better at finding them quickly as it has sooooooo much better metadata and list views. You can also annotate the files in forScore.

You can probably guess which app i use daily and which app i use a few times a year.

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