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Default MacBook Pro 13" i5 last non Retina working well with PT11

Hey there!
I just wanted to leave a note regarding the last non Retina MBP i5/i7 model ID 9.2.
I own the i5 Dual Core version, bought it 3 months ago, and it works just great
with PT11 here.

It could be definitely a good choice for people who own legacy hardware which still requires
well working FW800 (without the Thunderbolt Adapter which can cause problems
with some older interfaces) because different to the Retina 13" i5 model ID 10.2, the
Firewire of the non Retina i5/i7 9.2 is working without any problems!

This MBP is great if one wants to be able to use FW800 stuff successfully as well
as be prepared for more modern, future stuff as it also offers 1 Thunderbolt port and 2x USB 3.
This offers an exceptional range of connectivity IMO!
And it is the last MBP which provides an onboard Apple superdrive which is just
very handy and will be 80.- bucks extra with the Retinas.

Alltogether itīs a very useful machine thus.
Still it is available as a brand new product directly from Apple but I think they soon will take it off
of their lineup as there have shown up new Retinas.

So for everyone who wants to run PT11 with hardware that still needs solid FW800 (002/003 for example)
the MacBook Pro Mid 2012 2,5GHz i5/i7 model ID 9.2 is definitely worth to be considered.

As I said before, different to the 13" Retina with the same processor type, there ainīt
no FW problems with the 9.2 and both i5 and i7 (though Dual Cores) work fine with PT11.

All the best everybody,

cheers, VRW

MacMini i7Quad, 16GB Ram, MBP Mid 2012 2,5GHz i5, 16GB Ram, MacOS 10.9.2, Apogee Quartet+Duet 2, Genelec Active, Yamaha NS10,
Pro Tools 11.1.2, Logic 10.0.6, Waves, MCDSP, Duende Native, Softube, HOFA, IK Multimedia etc
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