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Default Re: Venue Tips & Tricks

Originally Posted by Jhana View Post
I've loved this thread so far and would definitely like to hear what else you guys and gals have come up with for events and snapshots.
Well here is one i just start using:
Since Venue doesn't have custom fader layers or POPulation groups, and dragging and dropping faders aren't usefull during a show, i set up one VCA as a Custom fader, for navigating the console. The VCA fader i don't use.

- Make a few snapshots where you only scope 1 VCA and only the VCA assingment.

- Assign the channels to the VCA for different parts of the show/songs store them to different snapshots;
snapshot 1: Rythem instruments; drums, perc, spd
snapshot 2: Lead vocals with most important instruments
snapshot 3: lead vocal with cd (for tape act)
snapshot 4: Band only
snapshot 5: Choir

One great future of this you can also make combinations of input channels and output channels

- I have multiple snapshot already created with different combinations of channels, and a few open snapshots who are scoped but not stored yet, so i can easily store them quick without thinking

- Create an event for the most important custom fader snapshots and trigger them from function switches.

Then Use the VCA Spill for mixing
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