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Default Re: Venue Tips & Tricks

Originally Posted by manticore View Post
Another monitor tips when you use wedges and IE for Que that i think is pretty cool is:

Put 2 stereo jacket cabels from FOH out 7 and 8 to FOH in 7 and 8
Patch Monitor L+R to FOH 7 and 8
Patch FOH in 7 and 8 to any 2 inputs you like (FX returns if you have any extra)
Route that channels to L-R and mono, put faders at 0dB
Now you have your que on master fader

The cool part:
Make an event that triggs with master fader below (whatever you like, i use infinity) that mutes Mono output
Make another event that triggs wiht master fader below (same as above) that mutes L+R
Put both in toogle mode.

Now you can change betwen IE and wedge when your master fader goes below the value you have decided

Thanks that is a great tip. I'm basically a full time monitor eng and I'm finally getting to use the Profile after months behind the m7. I've used the board before but I'm definitely interested in using snapshots and events a lot more in-depth. I'm also excited to try out relative edit modes when doing iems. I love the idea of faders triggering off other faders (heard one about ducking drum overheads if the drum vca goes above unity). And I also love the idea of using foot switches for things like talkback or changing snapshots. I've loved this thread so far and would definitely like to hear what else you guys and gals have come up with for events and snapshots.
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