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Default Re: Venue Tips & Tricks

I'm sure a lot of the guys around know it already but for all the others :

Event to toogle between input safe modes:

Automation safe, Solo safe and Bank safe are all available at any time but only one of the three can be present when you press the safe switch.On Option>Interaction>Input Safe Switches you can choose one.But that's it.
Now, if you create a simple event you can quickly toogle between the three ( if not sure which one is engaged you'll have to learn the flashing light code ).
Go on Events and create one to trigger Input Switch Mode by pressing anything at your choice - I always keep a function switch for this. Very important to have under fire and using snapshots. On Profile you got 8 of them.

Another good one for rehearsals-soundcheck-linecheck for those on Profile -
You can create a simple event( Options>Events page again ) on one or two switches to target quickly the Next or Previous channel.
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