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Default Re: Venue Tips & Tricks

Use Events to mute your media feed after 30 seconds for the first 2 songs

I typically use PQs for a press feed, they only get the first 30 seconds of the first 2 songs. Not particularly a good time in the set for me to be thinking about if its time to mute the press feed.

Save the first 2 snapshots with your Press feed un-muted, then create event's that use the those 2 snapshots to mute the Press feed after waiting 30 seconds or whatever length you want.

I always re-call safe my outputs so i create 2 events for each of the first 2 snapshots. The first event un-mutes the Press PQ immediately when each snapshot is re-called, the 2nd event waits 30 seconds, then mute's the Press PQ. TV camera guys look over at me going about my business wondering how i shut the press feed off at exactly 30 seconds! :)
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