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Originally Posted by mixFarm View Post
big trick to make a TURE post fader delay send on the fader next to the channel you need!!! you know having a main vocal and you want to ride the aux send from a channel fader. no problem with venue:

1. go to plugins and open TRIM on a free slot
2. the input of that plug is the direct out of your channel, lets say main vocal.
3. pickoff must be POST FADER. be shure you set this up in the options
4. the output of that TRIM plug goes to the channel input of the fader next to the main vocal
5. switch the dealy send off on the Main Vocal Channel
6. switch the Delay send on and on 0dB on the new channel

have fun riding your delay like nobody else can do!!!

(this re-routing can be as well used to get group/matrix/PQ outputs back to channel inputs without leaving the console)
This is a nice tip. Thanks for posting it. I tried this today, along with another idea that is really similar, but works a little better for me.

I patch my lead vocal input into 2 channels. One that is just a typical input for the lead vocal, and the second one is what I ride for the lead vocal delay. The lead vocal channel sends to LR, but the delay channel does not. And the delay channel has a 0db send to my delay aux, post fader. So I can just ride that fader up and down to control the delay send for that vocal. It's very similar to what you are saying, but it's a lot more hands on, rather than a very responsive post-fader delay. But I adjust my delay sends constantly, so I like this method. It's a lot easier than pulling up my FX returns or selecting the channel and adjusting the aux send (especially on the profile).

I'm gonna do this for other items I send to my delays.
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