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Default Re: Venue Tips & Tricks

Another monitor tips when you use wedges and IE for Que that i think is pretty cool is:

Put 2 stereo jacket cabels from FOH out 7 and 8 to FOH in 7 and 8
Patch Monitor L+R to FOH 7 and 8
Patch FOH in 7 and 8 to any 2 inputs you like (FX returns if you have any extra)
Route that channels to L-R and mono, put faders at 0dB
Now you have your que on master fader

The cool part:
Make an event that triggs with master fader below (whatever you like, i use infinity) that mutes Mono output
Make another event that triggs wiht master fader below (same as above) that mutes L+R
Put both in toogle mode.

Now you can change betwen IE and wedge when your master fader goes below the value you have decided

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