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Default PT 10 HD, C24, (3)192's, Bus comp, 4 core &3 accel cards, pre, mic, stereo reverb, pb

What year is it?

Hello everyone thanks for reading.

Looking for some creative workflow setup help, here's my gear, any help is appreciated! I have got it going currently with one 192 and one core card, (the other two 192's will be here in a few days) but I know there is a better way!


MAC OSX 10.7.5 (good for pt10 hd)
(3) Digidesign 192 IO's
MDX 48 point Patchbay (half-normalled or non-normalled only)
Digidesign Expansion Chassis
Powerplay PRO XL HA4700 4-channel Headphone Amp
Xlogic GSeries Bus Compressor
Slate Raven MTi2 Touch screen Mixer (a monitor now, basically lol)
Neumann TLM-103 Mic
Lexicon PCM-90 (not in yet but soon)

I kind of want an xlr patchbay, haven't bought one just yet.

I have it hooked up simple as-is, but I cannot get proper output to headphone amp I have to use two PT out 7-8 to send to speakers on the output and the 7-8 input below has the headphone its one or the other with the setup currently

192 input 1-8 to Patchbay bottom row rear(db25 snake)
192 input 9-16 to patchbay bottom row rear(db25 snake)
192 output 7-8 to patch bay 17-18 top rear (from db25 snake)
Mackie Monitors out from top row 17-18 front
Powerplay Headhones amp input 17-18 front bottom row
UA Twin Mic pre rear top patchbay #18
Patchbay ch1 in to record to pro tools

I have not had luck with the monitor section of the C24, it either sounds bad or I'm hooking it up wrong, I do get loud sound but it crackles and fuzzes pretty badly when outputting from monitor section of the C24, which is why I went with using the patchbay to send the L/R to.

Hip Hop music, all created in-house, need versatility to let keyboards and instruments to plug in to.

I am open to expanding this setup as well, if you see fit. All help appreciated!
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