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Default Re: Metadata injection and corruption on original recordings

I can confirm this on PT 11.3.1 with files from a SD633.
With a metadata reading program I got the "Origination Date yyyy mm dd" of a file of "2016-11-29",
after "add" into PT, I ran the program on the same file again, now the "Origination Date yyyy mm dd" is "2016-11-2 ". ("9" missing)

Did this test with another file from the recorder, also "2016-11-29", but did use "copy" on import into PT.
In the workspace browser, the "Shooting Date" revealed correctly "29.11.2016".
After closing of the session and reopening, it showed there "02.11.2016". (Same "9" missing).
Running the program on this imported copy in the audio files folder, revealed, that the date is now also corrupted : "2016-11-2 ".

It seems, that the last byte of the 10 bytes for "Origination Date yyyy:mm:dd" in the BEXT-Chunk is not read correctly or set to zero.

Maybe move your thread to the Post section. May get more attention from specialists and/or PT11-users there.
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