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Default Digital option in Sound Designer and DSI 5.1.1

If you've been frustrated with DSI 5.1.1 and the missing digital input option in the hardware setup, here' a little something I just discovered.

Digital S/PDIF input was disabled with 5.1.1 and the last DSI that still had the digital option in the Hardware Setup was 3.4.2.

Well, I found that by tinkering with the two files in ResEdit, you can actually restore the digital input option to 5.1.1.

Here is the solution:

1. Open DSI 3.4.2 and DSI 5.1.1 in ResEdit.

2. Copy the DSIP module from 3.4.2 and replace the DSIP module in 5.1.1 with it.

3. Click save and voila! you have the analog/digital SPDIF option in the hardware setup.

Disclaimer: Do the modification at your own risk. I just discovered this trick so I haven't given it the full spin but it seems to work with both Sound Designer and Protools 5 and with DAE 5.1.1. Hopefully this helps you.

So why am I still working with this antiquated program? It's simply the best! Plus I still have a bunch of old SD2 files and Sound Designer is the only program that gives me access to all the playlists in those files.
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