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Default Anyone looking to buy Waves Native Power Pack?

You want great sound? You want Waves Native Power Pack! With these direct-x plug-ins, you have hit the motherlode in professional digital audio processing. Q10 ParaGraphic EQ, C1 Compression/Gate, TrueVerb, S1 Stereo Imager (for true placement of each audio element in the sound field), IDR and the L1 Ultramaximizer...a finishing tool that does wonders for your final mix, or makes good sounding audio ripped from CDs or mp3s sound terrific. NPP supports most popular audio software. This is a complete, original set with everything you need (including manual and dongle) to get recording at a new level...right away. So if it's so great, why am I selling? I bought the latest Waves Native Gold Bundle, which has even more "goodies".

Anywhow If your interested in this at all e-mail me at

I'll sell the plug ins for $300 obo...If you have anything for trade let me know and I'll consider it....Peace out everyone...Trash Man
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