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Default Routing Audio/Bussing to master fader PT8.0.3

I hope someone can advise me on this situation:

My goal is to hear the audio guitar track in the mix with many other tracks. Right now the guitar is drowned out by all the other tracks.

Let me explain what are the other tracks that accompany the guitar:

I have many tracks of MIDI with orchestra instrument samples which are re wired from Reason 4. Each of these MIDI tracks is routed to an aux input track. The output of the aux input track is stereo output which I hear via speakers. I also can route each aux track via bus to create an audio track for each instrument.

What I want to do is route all the MIDI/aux tracks, excluding the guitar/audio track to a master fader. This way I can lower the volume for all tracks together excluding the guitar.

Can any please explain how to do this?

Thank you,
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