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Default Markers???

I just had a mad idea, was curious to see if anyone does this or a refined version thereof:
To be able to choose marker numbers at will, couldn't you just create a bunch with no properties, then just delete the # you want to use from the list as needed beforehand (since it always creates the lowest number left open)? Or maybe create 100 (obviously this would be in a template session so you wouldnt have to do it over 'n' over) and delete the first 50 but the second fifty are always reserved for following similar conventions, i. e. marker 50 always shows/hides the drum tracks, 51 the vocals, 52 guits....
It seems like an extra step to make a marker and maybe a pain, but an interesting idea??? A way to control the show/hide window without relearning the #s every time??? Am I just drinking too much coffee???

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