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Default Re: Euphonix system 5mc - Big Sur

I upgraded my Mac OS to Big Sur this last week. (Siera was the previous OSx)

I found a .dmg for Eucon 3.6.1 which I installed on the Pro Tools 21.12 Mac. and the .exe for EuconMC_3.6.1. to install on the MC.

I was able to get my Pro Tools workstation to show up in the 5-MC list, but I can't get PT to map to the fader modules. In fact, with EuconMC_3.6 running on the MC the fader packs show up as "not responding". I have rebooted several times, reset modules after they show as not responding.

I am now wondering if I need to update the firmware in the fader modules? I can't remember how to do that or if it's even possible.

Still working on this so I will let you know if I find a solution. If any of you have a suggestion, I'm all ears.

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