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Default Re: Core 2 Duo work with LE 6.1.x?

Sean, I don't have a 001 which is what I'm presuming your using since your asking about 6.1x....IF you do have a 001 I would upgrade to 6.4cs9-I beleive its free.

In a dualcore system you should be able to set the "Processer Affinity" in the Windows Task Managar>Processes for Protools by right clicking the process "Protools" and setting the Affinity to one processer. This should limit PT to one core and it should run fine for you. Since I don't have a 001 I have not tried this personally and hopefully if I am way off base someone will correct me.

If your NOT running a 001 then I would seriously suggest upgrading to 7.0 or 7.3 which supports true multicore processing.

Also in your particular case If you know your not going to be upgrading from a 001 anytime in the foresable future you might be better off with one of the fastest single core Athlon64 you can buy. It would be cheaper and may provide better performance with a 001.

Having said that I wouldn't build a single core system at this point in time.

As an aside I would really like to see a 001 user post some results using a dual core 001 system with the processer affinity set to one vs a fast single core system.

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