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Default OSX10.8.5 causing problems with Artist Mix/Eucon?


Recently I purchased an Artist Mix for my PT systems and it's been working great under Lion 10.7.5 for about a month. I updated one system today to 10.8.5 and now the Artist Mix is totally unresponsive in PT on that CPU.

A few oddities to note since updating:

1) EuControl does not open on startup anymore since upgrading the OS, I have to open it manually.

2) EuControl takes 3-5 minutes to recognize the Artist Mix every time I reboot the computer since upgrading the OS (this compared to a few seconds under 10.7.5)

3) Once EuControl recognizes the Surface, PT still doesn't.

Are there known issues with this OS and the Artist Mix? I tried a few searches and turned up nothing useful.

thanks in advance
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