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Default Re: Control 24 expansion chasis

The chassis doesn't have any connection to the Control 24. The expansion chassis is holding HD cards (which don't work with Pro Tools 11) so that you could run more cards than will fit in most towers. The chassis/cards should be fine with PT10 HD(or older) but you didn't get all the parts? There should be a card(PCI or PCIe) to go in the main computer, and a cable that connects between the card and the chassis Since you didn't get the card/cable, you'll have some searching to do. I have no experience with those but for sure, you'll need to know the exact model of the chassis so you can search for the right pieces. The Control 24 connects via Ethernet for control. If you want to use the preamps(most people don't), then you need to connect the line outputs(DB25 connections) to compatible IO boxes(second-hand 192's are a good budget option, but make sure they have analog IO. The 192 DIGITAL is not a good option here). In fact, a single 192 with an extra INPUT card would handle all 16 of the Control 24 preamps(but as I sad, few people like them)
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