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Default Control 24 expansion chasis

Hey! I've been running PT11 with an Apollo quad. Today I picked up a control 24 on the cheap to use as a controller since Neyrinck released v control. But have been thinking of setting it up as a B studio instead. I'm not familiar with this type of setup and I have a few questions.

The control 24 came with a 64bit expansion chasis with magma card.
It did not include the pci card that goes in the computer. Are these hard to come by?

Also, how exactly would this connect to pro tools 10? Does pro tools 10 simply run off the control 24 over ethernet?

I'm not really sure what I have here or how I would use the expansion chasis? it contains a magma card and some HD core and processor cards. Does it have to run off pt hd ?

I may end up using it as a v control but I'm just wondering what I'd have to do to set this up with pt10 as a second setup for now. Any info would be appreciated.
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