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Default Re: Mixdown - Midi To Audio......need expert advice!

I have the same dilema you have...I don't know what's best.

I have over 30 audio channels of midi that sound solid but don't know the best approach for recording te audio.

I've recorded each midi track as an audio (stereo/mono), but it takes for're right, the pay off is greater flexibility, but the creative juices suffer......I've actually just started to record a straight two track (stereo) of all my midi tracks and the sound is really good, but I know I'm not maximizing the sonic quality of the recording. Oh yea...I EQ in the box on each track to fatten things up.

I've often thought of using Cubase, Sonar, Logic, as they seem to be better geared for midi.

I think my next project I'll do all the drum tracks seperate and the lead synth seperate, but dump everything else together...not quite sure.

I'm very interested to see what other people doing.

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