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Default Re: official apple wireless keyboard with protools keymaps

Originally Posted by Matt Darcy View Post
I'm looking for an apple one - as in a genuine apple one that has been modified, not a 3rd party make, the editors keys keyboard is not a modified apple keyboard, it is a generic wireless keyboard (no doubt of the quality, I'm typing on an editors keys keyboard now that is an apple wired keyboard that as you have said they modified)

I'm looking for an official apple keyboard that someone has modified with the pro-tools keykaps.
You have failed to answer the question: what's so special about having an 'official' Apple keyboard? How do you know that the Editors Keys wireless one is not an 'official' Apple product? You're not going to be able to buy a PT-centric keyboard from Apple - they don't make them. And you're computer won't care if it's an 'official' Apple keyboard or not. I've used a bunch of non-official Apple keyboards with different Macs and they've all worked no problem. Same for rodents.
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