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Default Re: official apple wireless keyboard with protools keymaps

Originally Posted by Matt Darcy View Post
This is a really specific request, but it's worth asking in my view.

Is there anywhere that sells an official Apple wirless keyboard (grey/black would be preferred) with Pro-tools key caps on board (I've got a wired one from but they only appear to sell non-apple official ones and I can't find a grey one as a bonus.

I don't want the plastic overlay keyboard I want the proper keys.

Suggestions ?
Most of the third party 'customized' keyboards are official Apple keyboards. Companies buy them and change the keytops to suit the application. The Mini we use at home for internet and Photoshop work has the enlarged letter/numeral/etc. on it and when I flip the keyboard over it has the Apple logo molded into the plastic bottom. Note that this is a wired model but I'd imagine the wireless ones are the same. Same keys/keyfeel as the box stock Apple ones and no overlay.
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