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Default Re: I have no idea how to use fcb1010 and eureka prom

Once you have the 11R selected as the device the FCB1010 is preset for, it's very easy.

You have program and effects mode. On program mode, you control the presets, and can quickly access any of the 204 presets within the 11R.

In Effects mode, you can individually turn on and off seperate effects in your rigs, as well as use the Wah and Volume Pedals. Tap Tempo can also be set using the pedalboard.

With the Eureko Prom, this is by far the most cost effective midi solution for the 11R. The VooDoo Labs board is very nice, but also quite expensive.

Give yourself time to play around with it and get a handle on the functionality. All new gear takes time to get used to.
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