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Default Re: What\'s the best G4 to buy for PT LE Digi 002???

I've been running my 002 with a 12" 867 G4 PB w/640 meg ram.
It's OK for cutting...not enough for complex mixing.
In fact I still get CPU interrupts while recording with very few plugs. Add a reverb and things really slow down.
Add one or two Waves mastering plugs....forget about it.
This performance is slightly better than that I was getting on my 600 mhz iBook w/640 meg ram.
The 12" PB is a good but limited "on the go" recording scenario.
Would a dual 1.25 G4 be significantly better?

I should mention that I have an HD3 and a Mix3 system. Will I never be satisfied with the limititations of a native Pro Tools setup?
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