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Default PT9 White Noise Bursts

Well, after a week of using PT9 hard and loving it, I finally experienced my first significant issue. Last night I attempted to play a session off of a clients firewire hard drive. To my dismay there were intermittent LOUD white noise bursts. They were spaced about 1 second apart.

I quickly trashed my preferences, still had the bursts. I then copied the session to my internal audio disk on my mac pro and it ran fine.

System specs.
Pro Tools 9
All Standard PT Plugins
Mac Pro 8 core
10gig ram
Seagate SATA hard drives

Clients FW Drive
Adaptec FW400

I should add, we have never had any issues playing back and recording to this drive before.
Lynn Graber
Studio and Mobile Recording, Fort Wayne, IN.
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