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Default Older RTAS softsynths

I know this is bottom dwelling a bit, but does anyone know of any available Mac based RTAS softsynths that will work with Pro Tools 6.1, not counting Reason? It needs to run on a 500mhz. dual processor with 768mgs. RAM. I'll be also using PT 6.4 as well. All of the softsynths I've seen commercially need some supercomputer to run on and it's all for PT 7. I know about Synthmaster but the Mac version won't be out until the end of this year and It'll probably have system requirements I can't match. What did everybody do back in the old days as it were....when PT 6.1 first came out? I read an old article about Bjork using Koblo synths...that Tokyo 2.5, and using Pro Tools with it back then. I know Koblos' probably long out of buisness but there must be something? And what about OS9? There must be something aside from Reason that would appeal to all those that are still using that system?
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