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Default Re: Digi Control Panel Problem

Assuming that you have perfomed the following, it should work:
-Installed the Digi CP in the System Folder>Control Panels folder.
-Removed the Digi Output Drivers from the System Folder>Extensions folder
-Restarted the computer

If things still aren't working:
-Trash the DigiSetup File, Pro Tools preference, and DAE prefs (the entire folder) from the System Folder>Preferences folder. Empty the Trash and restart the Mac.

-Open the Extensions Manager Control Panel. From the selected set pop-up menu, select “OS 9.x base” click on “Duplicate Set" at the bottom of the window and name the set. Scroll down and enable the Digi Control Panel, DigiSystem INIT, Digidesign DSP Manager, Digidesign Direct I/O, the Open Music System Extension and restart.

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