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Default PT LE 6.4 Compatability with 10.3.9

I'm running a lab of 7 computers all running Pro Tools LE 6.4 with a Digi 002 Racks currently on 10.3.8

We are finding we need to update to 10.3.9 for compatability with other software but Digidesign have said that there are no plans to check. The only reason we're running 10.3.8 is that an admin who had no knowledge of Pro Tools updated the systems.

I've read that there are compatability problems with Quicktime 7 and the Core Audio driver, but I've also found an apple released patch to remove QT 7 and install QT 6.5.2 under 10.3.9 (available if anyone is interested)

Is this the only issue people have come across or are there more and hence is it worth upgrading?

We cannot afford to upgrade to 10.4 *and* upgrade PT to 6.9 or above *and* buy new quicktime licenses *and* buy Logic 7 Pro upgrades so we're kinda stuck using 10.3.8/9 until we have more money. We teach with Logic on 21 computers + 3 staff machines so would need to update all of these to 10.4.x and logic 7 with QT 7, not just the 7 running PT

Thanks in advance,

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